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Soul Opening

Do you sometimes or often experience restless emptiness in your soul? Or perhaps lack of love in your heart? Our birthright is to feel inner peace, satisfaction, joy and love in our everyday lives, have the intimacy in your relations and have an ability to relax our mind and body.

I hold the space for you to help you in your process of opening your heart and soul again, to start feeling, to start healing.

How Does Heart Opening work?

Heart and Soul opening is a moment by moment process through conversation, during which you start to "see" your hidden shells, that you have build around your heart for protection. During the process we focus on "dissolving" the shells, so you can discover and reconnect to your deep heart and inner wisdom, receive answers to your questions, live as harmonious human in correlation with your inner and outer world as well as in harmony within you and with others. 


It is an one-on-one conversation where I truly listen to you, ask you questions, answer your questions, reflect you back your beliefs and patterns, guide you to embodiment exercises and daily practices.

Session (1 hour) – 35€ 

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