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Human Design System Reading

Human Design System foundational reading gives you a personal guidance of discovering your unique “higher voice” that guides you in your life. It gives you an insight with what you are born to be here and provides a new insights of how you relate energetically to others and others to you. It supports your re-connection to your Body, Roots and Soul according to Allisone Harmonious Human.

Reading sessions take place via Skype around the world.


Foundational reading (1,5 hours) - 80€ 

  • Human Design foundational personal reading* 


Further reading (1,5 hours) - 80€ 

  • Human Design reading on one relationship (partner, child, colleague, friend, family member etc.)* 

  • Human Design reading on collective (family, team etc.)* 





*For registration please fill in as accurately as possible your or related person’s birth time (date, month, year, time of the day/night and place of birth (village, town, city).


The Human Design System is a synthesis of two streams of science, traditional and modern. The traditional sciences: Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and most importantly, the I’Ching, the Book of Changes - these are the traditional elements in the synthesis that is Human Design.Combined with the modern science of reading the genetic code, this offers you a profound insight into how you are designed to navigate the material world.


The Human Design System is a powerful and transformational tool about the way you see yourself. It gives you a new perspective of looking at yourself and seeing the beauty and magnificence of who you truly are. Human Design is not about changing anything about you. It simply gives you tools to journey back to deeper understanding of your gifts, what drives you, your strengths, your wisdom and your vulnerabilities. It gives the understanding that there is nothing wrong with the way you are.

Having a deeper understanding of yourself and others can set you free from being victimized by old, self-defeating patterns of thinking and the judgement of others. When you understand yourself then you can make choices about your life that are in alignment with your true nature. When you work with your true nature then your life becomes a much smoother ride and you get to live out the beauty of the mythology of your true self.  

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