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Mextonia Festival, 14-22 of June 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

Sixty Transgrafiti artists to tell the story of Estonia to the World


Mextonia is the festival of "Transgrafiti Muralism" that celebrates deep cultural roots of Estonia, through murals created in public walls by Transgrafiti artists, as a gift from Mexico to Estonia, on occasion of the first Centennial of the Republic of Estonia, and the arrival of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union to Tallinn.


Endorsed by the Estonian 100 Committee and produced by the Mexican organization Nueve Arte Urbano, in collaboration with Todoesuno Eesti, with the local support of EKKM, Stencibility, Pirados, Baltic Sessions, and with the guidance of cultural academic curator Marju Kõivupuu from the University of Tallinn; The festival features 36 transgrafiti artists from Estonia, 16 from México, 8 from the rest of the world, and 15 “mextonian” producers with mostly Mexican funding from the company Incusa SA de CV.  Murals were produced in over 25 locations all over Tallinn and cover a total surface of ​​more than five thousand square meters of wall, with Mexican paint imported for this sole purpose.

With the purpose of revamping the key icons of the Estonian indigenous culture and promoting “cultural freedom”; the festival gathered 60 “Transgrafiti” artists, including the Mexicans Sermob, Sens and Renata, the Estonian Silver “SBoy” Seeblum, the Spanish Boa Mistura and New Zealand´s Aaron Glasson from Pangea Seed’s “Sea Walls”, who's mural portrays a tribute to the women from the Estonian Kihnu Island. "Mextonia is the chance to evoke and renew our identity, as members of a people with deep millenary cultural roots" - Sigre Tompel, the Co-director of the Mextonia Festival (Estonia), said.

Mextonia creates links between Mexico and Estonia, by celebrating the centennial and highlighting the cultural roots of the Estonian people, developing young artists as new champions of the cultural evolution of the world; thus achieving the fundamental proposal of the Transgrafiti Manifesto: "Inviting the creative passion of Graffiti and Street Art, to consciously promote the cultural evolution of the world". According to Édgar Sánchez, the Co-director of the Mextonia Festival (Mexico): "After producing hundreds of murals to remind my own country of the power of our cultural roots, we join the talent of Estonian creators to celebrate Eesti and ask the world to respect indigenous cultures."

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