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Youth Massage

A Youth Massage is similar to a regular therapeutic massage but customized for a child ages 5 to 17. The techniques applied help relieve tension, relax the body, and create a state of well-being. Before the treatment I consult both with parent and child to address the issues and learn about health concerns. Frequency of the treatment depends on the needs of the client. For stress relief, weekly or monthly sessions could be best. Many parents who enjoy the benefits of massage also find their children feel the same way about this treatment. 

Massage session (30 minutes) – 20€  

Massage session (60 minutes) – 40€

How massage supports child:

Anxiety is a normal part of life, even for our children, but luckily, massage is a non-invasive treatment for this condition. Introducing our children to holistic remedies early on can set them up for a lifetime of managing their well-being naturally. 

Massage therapy can benefit anyone from infants to the elderly. The general benefits of massage, which are relaxation, decreasing muscle tension and pain, or increasing mobility, can apply to any age group. However, there are specific reasons why massage therapy is beneficial for children specifically.

These days our children are adapting to hectic lifestyles with stressors of school, peer pressure, family problems, advancing technology, competitive sports, chores … to list a few. Children are constantly overworking themselves to keep up and maintain the pace of their lives. They seldom get a chance to slow down and let their bodies really rest or relax, which can lead to poor sleeping patterns. Studies have shown that massage can help decrease stress and stress hormone levels in children and adults. Studies have also shown that children’s massage can reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Decreasing stress, in turn, can help improve sleeping habits.

When they do manage to slow down or stop, it is usually in front of some type of tablet or electronic device which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. This can lead to issues like “tech-neck” from constantly looking down at a device. This creates strain on their neck and spine, which can result in long term pain, headaches, and poor posture or a hunched back. Massage therapy can help relax those strained muscles. In addition to massage, educating children in correct posture when using a device, as well as postural stretches, can greatly help with preventing long-term issues.


Athletic children who play multiple sports or are at a competitive level often incur various injuries, muscle strains and pains. Massage therapy can help to ease muscle aches and specific pains caused by injury or overuse. It can also help to increase circulation, flexibility and function of muscles and joints.

The only reasons that may restrict massage options for children would be if they do not feel comfortable to have a massage. We need to respect child’s right to say NO. Never pressurize a child to come to a massage, instead tell your child about the benefits of the massage and accept his/her decision.

In most cases, younger children tend to have a shorter attention span, making a 30-minute session would be more than appropriate, as it is adequate time to receive an effective treatment. Moreover, as children approach middle teenage years,  60-minute sessions could be appropriate depending on the extent of what is needed for their individual treatment plan.

Parents are always encouraged to be present in the room with children, and for teenagers it is up to their discretion. It is my obligation to ensure that I ask the child if they want a massage, what they would like worked on and to follow the child’s wishes.

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