AllisOne Harmonious Me is a transformational guide for your personal evolution.

The services that are offered, are consciously combined whether it is to create and hold a space for your soul to retreat and heal; or to inspire, encourage and guide you on your individual journey towards the harmonious genuine you; to live your life fully and alive - with purpose, passion and joy, in a responsible way to everyone and everything.
Cozy Studio in Central Area
Head, Neck and Face Massage

AllisOne studio is conveniently located in central area of Tallinn and easily accessed by car, or public transportation.


In this cozy studio you can receive Lomi-Lomi massage, head, neck and face massage, MER bodywork and Human Design sessions.


Your  sacred space to relax, detox, reconnect and heal.

The Head, neck and face massage is a therapy based on ancient Ayurvedic  tradition influencing energy channels, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy.

It is a deep health and beauty ritual both internally and externally. The massage relieves muscular tension and cleanses energy channels from blockages that cause us health problems.