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Based on the Todoesuno™ philosophy, Harmonious Human is a transformational guide for your personal evolution - a new perspective of living

Harmonious Human (H²) is about reconnecting the current you to the genuine you by awakening and raising consciousness in the four core visions of H² - your body, roots, heart and soul - in the present moment and your life in general.


H² is a practical guide to becoming and thereafter remaining who you genuinely are born to be – a loving, open-hearted, responsible, happy, harmonious human being. Living a meaningful life of intense satisfaction and fulfillment with integrity, unity and honour to your body, your roots, your heart and your soul - ultimately to everyone and everything.


You can instantly activate the H² way of living at any moment in your life. It is not dependant on where you are now, what your relationship status is, what life issues you have, what kind of work, self-improvement or healing you have done or not done, so far. Your life issues never end. Anything you improve, does not last. You can start changing your life today by deciding to start practicing H² right now, moment by moment, day by day, month by month, year by year, decade by decade – discovering and acting out this new way of living by application of H².


To attain harmonious evolution, it is important to focus on all four visions of H². Otherwise the continuous and long-term neglect of one or more of the four visions can create daily turmoil in your life; like a car wobbling along because some tyres are under and others are overinflated. However, even with perfectly balanced tyres, unless the essential parts of the car are integrated and united into one (tyres, engine, gearbox, frame etc.) it is not a car. H² is the fully integrated car, the vehicle that you can use for your unique journey, your life journey. The car needs a driver though, you, that is driving it with the navigation system that is within you. H² gives you the guidance in learning to drive that car and get and stay connected to your inner navigation system. However, you are the one that drives and you are the only one who truly “knows” where you have to go.


Learning to drive the car, learning to trust your own navigation, becoming a conscious and harmonious human being, may take years of practice, practice meaning acting out H² in your life by daily decisions and actions. Therefore, you may want to ask: “Is it all worth it?” My question to you would be: “What is your alternative?”

Today, you can be totally successful, whether it is a great career or perfect relationship, and deep down still feel totally unfulfilled and your heart deeply dissatisfied if it is not coming from your true inner navigation, from your deepest purpose in life.

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